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The Twenties
It is in the early Twenties that Stefano Serapian, using leftovers from a workshop, discovers his passion and his incredible talent in crafting small leather items. Their quality and uniqueness are immediately picked up and appreciated by the sophisticated Milan clientele.
Specialised workshop
Stefano Serapian gathers around him other skilled craftsmen, and teaches them every day about the love and art of leather craft, thus giving rise to Milan’s first specialised workshop for the production of high quality leather items.
Gina and Stefano
Stefano Serapian meets Gina Flori: the sentimental and professional union between the two artists sets the scene for an all-Italian love story, crowned by the opening of the prestigious via Jommelli store, which to this day remains a centre of excellence for Italian leather craft.
Serapian S.r.l.
Stefano Serapian srl is founded immediately after the war. Stefano and Gina, with the aid of a well consolidated team of skilled leather artisans, work side by side devising unique and innovative techniques, still today regarded as beacons of style and elegance.
The Serapian mosaic is born: intertwined stripes of lamb leather, totally handmade, becoming an exclusive trait of the Brand.
The Brand expands, becoming much en vogue in the Milan jet set and beyond. Serapian soon becomes the favourite brand of sophisticated ladies and members of the high society, who commission bespoke handbags, in all sorts of colours and materials.
Evolution Serapian
Evolution. Thanks to the enduring search for new materials, 1965 sees the birth of the first collection in evolution. This is a resistant and prized calf leather, with a unique design.
Palais de Versailles
Participation in international exhibits, and the guarantee of products entirely made in Italy, set the stage for important collaborations with prestigious international partners, which continue to this day.
Ardavast Serapian, Stefano and Gina’s son, enters the business, continuing and consolidating his father’s philosophy of passion, made in Italy and craftsmanship, which is still the centrepiece of the Brand’s success.
Stepan. 1976 sees the creation of the first Stepan collection, the coated cotton is inspired to the brand's initials and takes its name after the founder.
Personalised products
The demand for personalised products increases. Ardavast Serapian boosts the Brand’s trademark bespoke service. From small leather items to travel accessories, from evening clutches to sailing bags, anything can be made to customers’ specifications, using materials, colours and details of their choice.
Made in Italy
Serapian’s strengthens its presence on the international scene. Made in Italy is the Brand’s true strength: from the choice of leather to the development of models, everything takes place in Italy, in order to ensure that every phase of production is carefully monitored.
Alongside the historic Via Jommelli store, the Milan boutique in via della Spiga, and the Venice boutique, Serapian is present in the main department stores and best known fashion boutiques, to meet the demand of fine creations, 100% Italian made.
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