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Gina Bag

Designed by Stefano Serapian in 1946 and presented to his wife Gina to celebrate the birth of their daughter Sciaké, GINA combines the elegance of its shape and the use of original and innovative elements. In those years of great creativity, Stefano Serapian experimented with the use of prized materials, such as ostrich leather, and introduced new and unusual colours such as turquoise.

GINA is also made precious by its special mother-of-pearl and shiny palladium lock.

GINA has since been an integral part of the Serapian collection. Over the years it has been made using different colours and materials, but always sticking to its original design, becoming a timeless classic, to this day a beacon of fashion and fine elegance.

Anì bag

In 1971, upon his son Ardavast’s engagement with Anì, Stefano Serapian created the ANÌ BAG, a handbag designed for young women requiring something practical and elegant at the same time.

Taking inspiration from soft suitcases, Stefano Serapian designed a handbag that was characterised by a large, ample opening, without compromising its elegant forms or harmonic proportions. A very versatile product was thus born: a capacious and practical handbag, suitable for everyday use, and at the same time ideal for more exclusive occasions, thanks to the attention for details and quality of materials.



Melinè bag

Utmost care for the clientele’s needs and tastes, a long-time distinctive element of the brand’s philosophy, has often proven a source of inspiration and extraordinary success. This is the case of the Melinè bag, commissioned to Stefano Serapian in the early 1960s by a customer in search of a light, compact bag, suitable for incipient air travel, and able to replace her traditional washbag.

Stefano Serapian thus devised a bag with refined features, and a particular interior construction with different compartments, allowing contents to be arranged in a safe and efficient way, also thanks to its lock, again made of mother-of-pearl.

Initially made with exotic leather, MELINÈ was then produced in many other materials and colours.


Doctor Bag

Designed for the first time in 1969, the DOCTOR BAG is the perfect union of style and functionality.

By then already famous for its bespoke items, the via Jommelli leather factory was asked by Milanese doctors to produce a bag for their professional use, voluminous enough to contain the apparatus, but at the same time handy, practical and long-lasting.

Taking inspiration from characteristic bags of Western movies doctors, Stefano Serapian designed the doctor bag, refining its features and details and employing, as usual, high quality materials.

Pearl Lock

Tested for the first time on the Gina bag, the “Pearl” lock is an effective example of how a functional element can be turned into a precious ornament, thus highlighting Stefano Serapian’s constant creative innovation and attention for detail.

The practical lock system is seen as a jewel and, through the use of prized material such as mother-of-pearl and shiny palladium, it becomes an ornament, giving the handbags a luminous, prestigious, distinctive touch.

Penny Logo

The penny logo, containing the founder’s initials, takes inspiration from Stefano Serapian’s own signature.

Constructing by superimposing its letters, the logo was conceived for use on products’ functional and ornamental elements such as zipper sliders and chains.


In 70’s Serapian presented a new collection of innovative products in line with the spirit of the times.

The new star of the show was Stepan, a spread cotton that was patented in the mid-seventiesand remained exclusive to the brand. This extremely resistand, waterproof material became the emblem of the firm, with its S etched all over that multiplies the value of its founder’s creative skill to infinity.

Lightweight and resistant, Stepan was an immediate hit for travel accessories, but also for handbags. Thanks to its versatility, Stepan is used for bags, suitcases, briefcases and wallets.

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