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Cachemire, 2013

In 2013 Serapian presents new models for men: the Cachemire leather collection.
Yet again, Serapian proves itself as a brand devoted to excellence not only in terms of quality of its products, all strictly handcrafted, but in its search for innovative materials of high prestige. The new Cachemire collection is characterized by an exclusive naturally tumbled French calfskin, extremely soft to the touch, like the finest cachemire.
Tumbling is an elaborate process that enables a product of the highest quality to improve its performance with age, as well as acquiring a “lived-in” look. Leather is put into large wooden drums that are turned to make it soft and eliminate any creases or impurities.

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Stepan, 1972.

In 1972, Serapian presents a new collection of innovative products in line with the spirit of the times. The main character is STEPAN, a spread cotton patented in the mid-Seventies and remained exclusive to the brand. This extremely resistant, waterproof material became the emblem of the company, with its S, etched all over that multiplies the value of the founder's creative skill.

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Evolution, 1965.

Products made using Evolution, a calfskin that has been treated to make it waterproof and scratchproof, all feature a distinctively high degree of attention to functionality and resistance. Evolution is used for ladies' handbags, unisex briefcases, computer bags and small leather goods.

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Mosaico, 1947.

Mosaico is a unique weave process created by Serapian: craftsmen use a special plate to slit nappa leather in such a way to make small cuts less that 1 cm long. Small strips of leather are threaded by hand into these cuts, creating a sort of origami pattern. Mosaico weaving ensure strenght and durability to delicate lamb leather.

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